Earl Blumenauer

The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’: Congressman Blumenauer Touts Historic Significance & the Triumph of Partnership & Rationality

Earl Blumenauer

In a surprise move before Congress’ August recess, US Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Energy Committee Chair Manchin announced a deal on budget reconciliation—the Inflation Reduction Act.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer: Responding to Climate Disasters—From Ruin to Resilience

With climate change fueling increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters—whether from flooding, wildfire, or extreme heat events—2021 was another record-breaking and deadly year for climate disasters in the US.

US Congressional Coalition Urges Support for Small Farms & Local Food Producers 

Rep. Earl Blumenauer

For the US agriculture industry, the coronavirus has both revealed the fragility of food systems and the impacts of prioritizing agricultural commodities over local food sourcing and supply diversification.

VX2015: California & National Energy Leaders On DG’s Impact on Grid Management

Steve Berberich

The VerdeXchange 2015 opening plenary “The Future is Now—The Green Economy Going to Scale” considered the remaining work to be done by government and business as “sustainability” becomes mainstream. VX News provides edited excerpts of the discussion here, featuring California State Senator Robert Hertzberg, US Congressman Earl Blumenauer, President and CEO of California ISO Steve Berberich, and EPCOR Utilities Board Member and Former Mayor of Long Beach Bob Foster. They consider whether the federal government can be a useful partner in sustainability projects; how technology is creating more decentralized, self-contained systems; and how both public and private institutions will have to reevaluate their roles in the future green economy.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer on Replacing the Federal Gas Tax with a New Cents-Per-Mile Funding Mechanism

Today’s Highway Trust Fund faces a steady decline in revenue as inflation and fuel-efficient vehicles render the Federal Gas Tax increasingly ineffectual. Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Oregon’s 3rd, is a career-long spokesperson for livable communities and multi-modal transit. Last session of Congress, he introduced a bill (HR6662) to direct the Department of the Treasury to study alternatives to the existing gas tax for raising federal highway funds. He advocates retiring the gas tax in favor of a new, cents-per-mile initiative. In the below interview with VerdeXchagne News, Congressman Blumenauer addresses the problems facing the gas tax, the politics surrounding it, and the advantages discovered by a distance-based pilot program in his home state.