LA28: Looking Forward Towards LA in Five Years

Nancy Sutley

At a panel at CoMotionLA’s recent convening in Los Angeles, featured panelists discussed just what their ideal next five years for the city might look like. VX News provides an excerpt of the panelist’s comments, including those offered by: Nancy Sutley, LA’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Hilary Norton, Commissioner of the California Transport Commission, Nik Karalis, CEO of Woods Bagot, and John Rossant, CEO of CoMotion. Amongst the topics discussed are sustainability and housing policy challenges; the future of mobility; public safety; and an Olympics 2028 wish-list.

Japan & SoCalGas: Harnessing Hydrogen & the Olympic Spirit for a Clean Energy Future

Maryam Brown

VX News excerpts Akira Muto, the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles, Maryam Brown, President of SoCalGas, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting remarks reflecting on the partnerships—and Olympic spirit—powering the global pursuit of hydrogen technology solutions for a clean energy future.