Renewable Energy

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Promotes and Manages Sustainable ‘Water, Wastewater, and Power’ Systems

Laura Spanjian

SFPUC Assistant General Manager Laura Spanjian presents a list of the SFPUC’s many ambitious programs to build efficiencies and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses from the use of water and power in the Bay Area.

Los Angeles County Public Works Department Exploring State-of-the-Art ‘Waste-to-Energy’ Technology

Coby Skye

Having just completed Phase II of a report on waste-to-energy technology, L.A. County Department of Public Works Associate Civil Engineer Coby Skye describes the county's process to research and facilitate the development of this promising technology.

A Californian in Wales: Bob Hertzberg, G24i Chairman, Finds Green Pastures for Commercializing Flexible Thin-Film Solar

Bob Hertzberg

Former Speaker of the California State Assembly Bob Hertzberg discusses his Cardiff, Wales-based renewable energy company, which manufactures and commercializes flexible, thin-film solar as an alternative to batteries for powering electronics.

LADWP’s James Caldwell: Siting,Transmission Present Obstacles for Robust Wind Portfolios

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Executive James Caldwell, Jr. explains how LADWP became a leader in developing and integrating wind power, and addresses the challenges currently facing public and private efforts to expand the global and U.S. energy market share of wind power.

L.A. Public Utility Makes Progress Towards Goals of Implementing 20 Percent Renewables by 2010

David Nahai

With the goal of generating 20 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2010, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has been investing in new technologies and forming partnerships across the West to bring green power to L.A.’s homes and businesses.